3 Reasons to Jailbreak your PS3 and 3 Reasons PS3 Jailbreaking is a bad idea


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PS3 Jailbreak

Yesterday one of my friends was in a dilemma whether to get an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Well, he finally decided to go with the Sony PS3 and was really anxious to know whether he should go for a PS3 Jailbreak or not!

The term Jailbreak should be pretty similar to people who own iOS powered Apple products like iPod, iPad and the iPhone. And we would be  using the same term for the Sony PS3 as it conveys pretty much the same message.

It’s is pretty much not necessary to jailbreak your PS3 and the decision solely depends upon your needs and requirements.

Well, me and my friend decided to do some research before taking any substantial steps and hence we concluded the following 3 Reasons to get it Jailbroken or hacked.

3 Reasons to get your PS3 Jailbroken

Backup Games for Disk-less Play

Now this one is pretty good. Being able to backup your games and play them without having to insert the disk everytime is like a boon. It saves you from scratched disks and sluggy games.

You can even share games with your friends and thus play even when you actually do not have the disk with you. There is no lagging as the game is directly loaded from the hard drive and your optical drive gets some rest.

Apply Hassle free Game Cheats and Mods

This one is yet another strong reason we found to get our PS3 jailbroken. We have to admit that adding Modifications and using cheats can make your gaming experience much more fun and pretty much less frustrating.

I love playing with mods and using weird cheats during the gameplay. And if you are one of the crazy gamers like me then I guess you would surely consider this point before after your console.

Play MKV Videos

MKV is the best video format that I know. With half the size as AVI we get absolutely same picture quality and hence being able to store and play loads of MKV videos is a pretty much impressive feature and to enjoy this, you need to get your PS3 Jailbroken.

Well, all these features do appear fancy and are tempting enough to get your PS3 Jailbreakon, but there is a counter-part to all this fantasy and here are the 3 Reasons which make PS3 Jailbreaking a bad idea

3 Reasons which make PS3 Jailbreaking a bad idea

No retreat from the old Firmware

Once you get your PS3 Jailbroken, there is no way you can update your firmware and get rid of any bugs or vulnerabilities that might have crept in your current firmware. To update the firmware you would have to wait for developers to release a Jailbreak patch for the update.

But well, this isn’t as bad as it looks. There are generally some minor updates in new firmware release, the last firmware update is version 3.61 and the firmware for which Jailbreak is available is version 3.55.

No PSN or Game Updates

This is a heart-breaker. Unless a Jailbreak patch has been released for the update you would not be able to update your Games.

If your PS3 is jailbroken, it will be virtually impossible to update your PSN as you will no longer be able to login in PSN.

No Online Gameplay

This one sucks! I mean literally a virtual nightmare for ProGamers. online multiplayer gameplay is the best way to get into a real network of gamers. But if you have got yout PS3 Jailbroken, this dream of yours will remain a dream forever.

Since going online requires you to be logged in into PSN which is impossible as discussed earlier.

Well, my friend finally decided to go with actually getting his PS3 Jailbroken since he is not much into gaming and is just a casual gamer.

What do you think ? Is jailbreaking your piece of cake!


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