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Keywords are like the building blocks of a blog.These are the few words that describe your blog and are responsible for deciding how your blog is indexed and ranked in search engines.



What is a keyword?

Well, a keyword is a special word which describes your content. When you write an article you write it on a topic and keywords helps the search engine recognize what kind of an article is it ? And for what terms should it rank it?

How to choose the right keywords ?

You cannot find the right keywords overnight. Yes it takes time, but to choose your initial keywords here is what you can do.

Know your audience.

You should know what kind of people are going to view your blog and which keywords will help them reach the content they want.

Enlist your keywords.

Write down the keywords you think people would search for and perfectly describe your niche.

Pick up effective keywords.

When finalizing your keywords, just see to it that you can integrate those keywords into your posts/articles. This will help your blog rank higher for the selected keyword.

Now that you have chosen the right keywords for you, its time to deliver it into your meta title, meta description and meta keywords.Make sure your title and description contains your central keyword. And as far as posts/articles are related choose a title in which the keyword is highlighted.

Google doesn’t consider meta keywords for indexing and ranking your blog but other search engines do consider them while indexing. So it is recommended to fill that field too.

Keyword Density.

Keyword density is the number of targeted keywords out of the total number of words.This means how frequently your keywords occur in an article. I personally prefer to keep it as low as 4-5% and it is recommended to do so as if you stuff your article with keywords then search engines like Google can take it as spamming and can ban you from its search engine result pages.

Check out meta tool analyzer to check your keyword density plan things accordingly.

Keywords in Blog-posts


Title appears in the title bar of your browser(top) .Title helps the search engine and the visitors to know what the article is about. It is very important to integrate your keywords into the title as Search engines considers the Title first when indexing.


H1,H2 and H3 heading tags can be used to give more emphasis. It will help your visitors recognize keywords and makes your posts easily scanable.


As we have discussed earlier the keyword density in your content should be around 4-5% exceeding the 5% limit can make your content appear as a keyword spam and can ban you from google.

Hidden keywords are considered to be Blackhat and its strongly recommended not to use it.


Well after the Title preference is given to the URL. Thus you need to have your keywords placed in the url in order to rank well in search engines.

This was Techfudge’s guide on Keywords covering basic topics which you should know about keywords in order to take a step up in Search engine optimization.

Do share your comments and feedback with us!

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Rahul @ MazaKaro November 25, 2010 at

hello karan, in content section you’ve written that keyword density should be around 4-5% and it’s very important for us. many of us think that it should be up to 20%. now i get the thinks why PR goes downward so strangely. thanks, friend. it’s a great and remarkable post on keywords.


Karan Labra November 26, 2010 at

Wow!, didn’t know about that misconception. Just thought of sharing something that I learnt way ago.


shashank chinchli December 10, 2010 at

acc to SEO pressor plugin if keyword density is between 4-5 thats best else it does alert with red color label. thanks Karan for amazing post as well as great to learn from comments too


Usman November 25, 2010 at

Choosing the Right Keyword for the Target Audience is something that Webmasters should be careful about.


Karan Labra November 26, 2010 at

Yup, you are right Usman.


Alex@Jocuri November 25, 2010 at

Hey Karan,
First of all, great post your really hit some great points here.
But i always though that keyword density although important is not as it used to be and you should first write the article for the readers and to make sense for your visitors and then you can scan your text to see your you can use your keyword while still maintaining readability. It doesn’t matter if is 4% or 30% it should just fit int the content without being intrusive.


Karan Labra November 26, 2010 at

I do agree that readers should be kept in mind first.
But after you write the article, if your keyword density is high, you should consider replacing the spammed keyword with the best alternative that makes sense with the text.


vijay | bayofblog November 26, 2010 at

Search engines like Google collects keywords in such places like title, post body, anchor texts, heading tags etc… for its search result, You explained how to add keywords in prominent place to get most out from SERP. Wonderful article karan…


Karan Labra November 26, 2010 at

Thanks for appreciation Vijay.


knev December 13, 2010 at

If wordpress site has a plugin all one seo, how can i make that title as H1
what code need to modify?

Please guide


Karan Labra December 13, 2010 at

You don’t need to!
Heading tags are relevant when you are seeking to apply your keywords in your content.
I think that would remove your doubts.


Amr Boghdady December 14, 2010 at

Great post Karan!
I only discovered the importance of keyword research recently, since then, I’ve added the keyword density within my content, and changed many of my page titles
I’m starting to see some slight improvement in my SERPs, which I think is due to these changes I made


Karan Labra December 14, 2010 at

Go on friend, just keep up the consistency and you’ll succeed.


Monex December 15, 2010 at

You absolutely MUST pay attention to the keywords you are focusing your content around if you want to maximize your search traffic and improve your blogs profitability. This doesnt mean that you should limit your writing to only those topics that generate search traffic but it does mean that you should describe your posts in such a way that they attract maximum traffic. Extract the keywords from your post and plug them into your keyword software.


amit verma December 19, 2010 at

very nice and useful article, keyword plays a major roles in driving traffic to your web site and getting good SERP


Rahul Toshniwal December 25, 2010 at

Nice article man about keyword density man.I never knew these types of tools like meta analyser exists .Nice share karen .


bodynsoil May 2, 2011 at

I wasn’t aware of keyword density before reading about it here, I think this will be very helpful to me. I also hadn’t thought about picking out my keywords based on popularity and then writing around those keywords.

Another great article, thank you.


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