Accelerometer games, or motion sensor games make use of the accelerometer of your phone. They are quite fun, because you don’t have to use any keys or tap your screen, instead you play by tilting the phone. Apple has numerous motion sensor games as compared to Android, still there are ...

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10 Android apps to edit your photos

Android Market has over 200,000 apps, and this number is growing every day. Android Market has some cool apps for everyone, for gaming, social networking, music, movies, and photography too. There are numerous apps for Android for photography, which let you take amazing pics, edit them, and share them with ...

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5 Best multi-messenger clients for your PC and mobile

With so many instant messengers and social networking websites, it sometimes gets difficult to login to all your accounts one by one. Also, keeping too many messengers installed on your local hard drives takes up a lot of space, an dit’s time consuming to open each IM and then sign ...

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Manage Multiple Blogs

This is a guest post by Divas Chitkara who is a co-blogger at Whysogeek . A single blog is fine when you are in early stage of blogging and while you’re still learning the basics of blogging and SEO. But once you have a successful blog¬†¬† and you have mastered ...

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