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Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Whether it is a Live concert of your favourite artist, or a language tutorial, or clips from your fave TV Shows and Movies, even the old ones like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Orange county, Psycho, you can find anything worth watching on youtube.

And the best part, it doesn’t matter which country you are from, unlike Television you can watch any show/ video/ song from any country (in most of the cases) as long as you have access to decent internet connection.

I think there are a very few people on this planet who hate youtube. Well for most of us who love spending time surfing youtube, here is how you can make the most of it with one of the best and most loved  Google Chrome browser .

Turn off the Lights

With one click on the lamp button, the page will be fading to dark. And automatic focus to the video. Click again, the page will return back as normal.

Turn Off the Lights

My favourite Features of this extension :

  • Support multiple video sites: YouTube, HTML5 video,… and more
  • Support multiple image sites: Google Images Search, Picasa,… and more
  • Custom colors

Check out Turn Off the Lights


No YouTube Comments

No YouTube Comments

No YouTube Comments

It gets really annoying when you watch video of a pop artist and new slanderous comments by haters keep popping up. To avoid a comment war with them use this extension.

It will keep their comments out of your hair.

Check out No youtube comments


Auto Replay

Auto Replay

I like listening to my fave songs on the loop. If you hate playing the replay button again and again install the Auto Replay extension and an auto replay option shows up while you watch videos on YouTube . This is a must have for a song you want to play over and over again.

Check out Auto Replay


Fast YouTube Search

Fast YouTube Search

Lets say you have the urge to look up a video or search of one while looking up other sites. Fast YouTube Search extension allows you to search for videos without opening a new tab. This can be quite handy to search for videos on the fly and include them in an email.

Check out Fast Youtube Search




I just love Cooliris, well because it’s the coolest way to see cool pics and make them look even cooler :D . We can search for YouTube videos on Cooliris and the best part is, they are presented in a 3D layout.

Check out Cooliris


Music Video Lyrics

Music Video Lyrics

Many people who know how to speak English fluently have a hard time deciphering Lyrics of some songs on youtube.  But now, with this handy chrome extension, while watching a song you can just click on the lyrics button near the address bar and get the lyrics.

As you browse YouTube and watch music videos, this extension pulls the current video’s lyrics from popular sites and makes it available in a popup.

Now you can hum the song while listening without any problem.

Check out Music Video Lyrics


Smart Video for YouTube

I am sure a slower connection can be quite frustrating when it comes to watching YouTube videos. An easy solution is to use Smart Buffer which makes sure the video is stream in one go and buffering is done in a more controlled method.

Smart Video for YouTube



1. Works with all embedded/HTML5 YouTube videos. Be it a Facebook news feed video or a video directly from YouTube site.

2. With global preferences, all YouTube videos can be set to start on your wish.
- As soon as the page loads
- When the video is buffered completely, or whatever buffer percentage you choose.
- Let SmartVideo decide when it’s good to start playing. SmartVideo’s ‘smart buffer’ decides the buffer percentage based on your current download speed.
- Or just make the YouTube videos to start buffering when the page loads. You can play the video whenever you wish.

3. Along with above buffer strategies, you can opt not to initialize video until you click on it.

4. The buffer strategy can be set for individual YouTube player or as the Global preferences. Just hover your mouse over any YouTube video.

5. Calculates time left before the video starts playing. (Hover the mouse over the YouTube video)

6. Once a video is buffered as desired, notifications (sound and/or desktop notification) can be raised instead of playing the video.

7. SmartVideo can default the video quality based on your preference.

8. ‘Loop’ option on all YouTube videos.

9. Separate preferences for embedded, ‘on youtube.com’ videos and playlists.

10. Enable/disable ‘switching to HD on fullscreen’ option.


Check out Smart Video For Youtube


YouTube Feed

Must have for active youtube users who keep themselves updated by subscribing to youtube channels.

YouTube Feed


This extension notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube Homepage Feed. These are videos that your friends or subscriptions have uploaded, favorited, liked, commented on, etc.

You should consider installing this extension if you have YouTube friends or subscriptions which are good content creators and/or curators and want to receive an instant notification whenever new content is available.

To filter out which types of notifications you would like to include in your feed, please right click on the extension icon and select Options. The Options panel also allows you to configure how many new items to include in the feed and how often to check for new items.

Check out Youtube feed


Smart Video Enlarger

Smart Video Enlarger

YouTube video too small?

Fullscreen mode unflexible?

Smart Video Enlarger automatically upscales the video area to full window screen. The Intelligent Scrolling allows you to continue watching the video while reading the comments and related videos. It’s entirely configurable. That’s cool!

Check out Smart Video Enlarger

What do you think about these extensions? Share your comments with us!

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