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Rainmeter is a desktop customization application and does a really impressive job by giving you a lot of options to create a desktop which is good on the eyes, enhances productivity and accessibility and saves you a lot of time.

Rainmeter adds a lot of functionality and accessibility to your desktop and transits your desktop to a power desktop. It lets you sidebar widgets like Windows 7 or Mac OS X, CPU and memory usage monitors, RSS and email readers, cool sidebars and all this comes in a great sleek design that adds no clutter.

You can download the latest versions of Rainmeter from here : Rainmeter

Rainmeter skins are pretty popular these days and besides being the popularity of Rainmeter itself being a factor, Rainmeter skins are really trending because they are written in the simplest languages and anyone with even slight knowledge of the right coding language can customize every single bit of these skins. And even for non-coders like most of my friends out there, Rainmeter skins are pretty easy to customize and match their requirements.

Top 10 Skins for Rainmeter



Download: Speed Theme (2.9 MB)Meteor GlimpsMeteor Glimps

Download : Meteor Glimps Rainmeter Theme (591 KB)

Rising Reflection Interface

Rising Reflection Interface

Download: Rising Reflection Interface Skin (8.7 MB)Unity

Download: Unity Theme (11.6 MB)

PILEUS Suite for Rainmeter


Download : PILEUS Suite ( 39.5 MB)Engima

DownloadEnigma ( 1.3 MB)

i2 Bar

i2 Bar

Download: i2 Bar Skin (1.2 MB)Crowd

Download: Crowd Skin (8.5 MB)

Electric Space

Electric Space

Download: Electric Space (19.8 KB)2Tone

Download: 2Tone Rainmeter Skin (0.2 MB)

How to Install the themes

Now that you have downloaded your favorite theme, you might be confused as in how to install the rainmeter themes. Thus here we have a quick step by step tutorial on how to do it.

  • Extract the Contents of the downloaded File to a folder of your choice using Winrar.
  • Copy the extracted skins to X:Users<your username>DocumentsRainmeterSkins
  • Open up Rainmeter, right click it’s icon in the tray click on  ”Config” menu and choose your Skin/Theme.

That’s it!

I hope these rainmeter skins work out for you. If not then you can either post a comment below with your query or ask it directly from their creators present at deviant art.

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Sire@Buy Online Lotto Tickets June 12, 2011 at

That looks pretty impressive but I’m not much one for skins. I’ve got an app that changes my desktop image every 15 minutes picking an image from a directory of my choice and I’m pretty happy with that.


Karan June 12, 2011 at

Well, I think that feature already integrated into Windows 7.

Rainmeter is a lot more than just wallpapers..


Sire June 12, 2011 at

I wouldn’t know I’m still using XP. ;)

I understand that it does a lot more, it’s just that at the moment I don’t have the urge to install it.


Shiva @ Blogging Ideas June 12, 2011 at

Hey Karan,
Rainmeter is really an awesome software for skinning your desktop, I had used it in the past but currently I am not. Thanks for sharing this skins, I think I am having the urge of installing rainmeter again and using one these cool looking skins.



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