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Getting a fan base on Facebook has become essential especially for small business entrepreneurs who are not so easily recognized. Large corporations may not have much of a problem acquiring a following as they may already be quite popular offline. However, there is no need to despair as there is a way to heighten your number of fans. You know you have fans when someone Likes your page, product, or service. If you run a business but not many people know about it, then a page on Facebook can change all that. The question here is how to get the Facebook fans. Well, here is how;

Facebook ‘Like Box

On your Facebook page, you can create a Like box and connect it to your website. It is simple to create using the settings tool or the edit page function on your Facebook page.

Search engines can help promote a site and create traffic to the site. This is further enhanced by use of keywords. This can be included in your URL, your page content, or in any posts that you put up. The more popular the keywords the more hits you will get on your Like.

Buy Facebook fans

You can even buy facebook fans from quality sources. One such great site which offers quality service is 1ClickFBFans.

Video and images
A video and images are enticing. Tag people on images from parties, functions or gatherings and they may even like the page. Videos are captivating and you can include text explaining the video. In this description, use some of the keywords that appear in your site and this may act as a link.

Email and subscription
Emailing is also effective to get fans to your page. If you do have subscribers, make them aware of your fan page by sending them emails with a link attached to encourage them to visit. Additionally, make the page fun and interactive either by having interesting topics to comment on or other incentives.

Facebook badge and share
You may have noticed that most websites now have a badge with the Facebook logo appearing on their websites. This is yet another way to create a fan base. Once people click on the badge, they are directed to your webpage. You may also have the share sign which allows disclosure of the site to other people.

These are just a few ways that you can increase the number of people that Like your page on Facebook. There is a variety more ways you could incorporate.

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Usman April 6, 2012 at

Well thanks for the nice tips but I guess arranging regular contests with attractive giveaways help drive social signals for a website. In order to get loyal fans quality content is the key and marketing through free giveaways is the best strategy I have ever seen. In a nutshell you need fresh and timely content on your blog backed by viral marketing in order to utilize the power of social media


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