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In one of my previous post ,  I mentioned that we can install apps which aren’t from Andriod market. Here I will show you how easy it is. No fuss required.

There are a lot of apps for Android users which can spice up your android phone. They are freely available on the Android Marketplace for Apps. It’s easy to download and install any app via Android Market.

But since there are many more fun apps for android we would like to download, several customized applications, apps created by your friends etc. which aren’t available in marketplace,so here is the tutorial on how you can download any android apps from any website you want :

1) Download/Copy  to your SD Card,  the app installer from the site you want (it must have a “.apk” extension )

2) Now go to  Home -> Then click on Settings.

 Android Market

In the settings menu, select Applications >>

Android Market

>> In the application menu, you can see the option named ‘Unknown Sources’. Tap on it.

Android Market

>> Now, in the box that appear, Select “OK”.

Android Market

Now select the app .apk file and tap on it

Android Market

Select install .


Android Market

Now the app have been installed on your phone. :)

If you want to install an app from your computer,  simply copy it to your SD Card / mail it to your android phone and carry out the same process to install it.

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