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Are you one of those travel junkies. Well, I am and I just never miss an opportunity to go for a short vacation every now and then. Travelling is fun, but the very thing that I hate about it is getting lost.

Yeah, you might have faced this unpredictable situation too, when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and running pretty much out of your resources.

Yes, you guessed it right, Android to the rescue. Here I will be listing 5 best android applications which can help you navigate your way in an unknown location.

Sounds useful? Read on!

Google Maps


Google Maps

This one has been and will on the top of every list. C’mon it’s by Google,  how can any other app even stand close to it.

This is a must have and is recommended even if you think you don’t require it.

Some of the key features include :

  • Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
  • Places: Find, rate, and get recommendations for places
  • Latitude: See friends on the map and check in at places


CoPilot Live USA


An award winning application and that is not the only reason its on the list.

CoPilot Live does NOT downloads the map each and everytime you access it. Yes, you heard it right the map is stored on your mobile device and thus you dont have to wait for the streaming or pay for those downloaded KB’s.

A premium feature of this application is the voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation with USA street maps.

Sadly, this cool application is not available for all countries/areas.

It is available at a pretty cheap price tag  here : CoPilot Live USA

Waze: Community GPS navigation



Waze tells you who all in your social network is on the road. Allows you to connect with them and get the latest updates on traffic situations and a superb navigation system.

Want to save commuting time and money ? Waze is just the app for you.

Sygic: GPS Navigation



Sygic is aturn-by-turn GPS navigation app and offers some superb navigational tools.

Here are some features that Sygic has got to offer you :

  • Drag the map, pinch to zoom, change point of view using built-in compass and tap target square to choose action
  • Advanced routing is optimized for Real-Time Traffic
  • TomTom maps with 3D view of cities and landscape that are updated for free and thousands of POIs in comprehensive categories
Download Sygic




An amazing application with a supportive user review. With over 100 supportive reviews, this application had to be in our list.

SpeedView offers an awesome GPS navigation system, offers a clean easy to use User-Interface. SpeedView shows your maximum and average speed, as well as direction, total distance and time traveled.

What else one could ask for ?

Get it on your device now! It’s free!

Download Speedview


What do you think of these apps? Which one is your favorite ? Or do you have another personal favorite ?

Share your feedback and apps with us.

Comments appreciated!

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