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When you are thinking crazy, and fiddling with your mobile, why not think of crazy applications that will drive others crazy at your mobile pranks! As long as these do not hurt anyone, all these crazy applications can help you drive others crazy whenever and wherever you want!

Here are they,


Want to pull someone’s leg, and then this is time to download this applause software and play one of those 8 different scores in the classroom. You can create some havoc and have some fun, like teasing your tutor with an applause welcome slyly, and you could get away with it provided your tutor takes it in the right spirit and is not embarrassing.

Download: Applause

Cheezburger Funny LOL Images

This is the application that you need to download if you are planning to surf cool websites that are filled with humor and fun. As the name suggests, the website will help you get anything humorous down under the sun. The funny pictures, animations and videos are pulled out from various websites like FailBlog, Failbook, Pundit Kitchen, Engrish funny, LOLcats, LOLdogs, Happy Chair, DERP and much more. Why don’t you download and find for yourself?

Download: Cheesburger Funny LOL Images

Chuck Norris Facts

If you are a great fan of Harry Potter, then you should fail not to download this funny little application that will help you to keep laughing whenever you use it without fail. All this does is it will get you a joke everyday!

Download: Chuck Norris Facts

Favorite Frequencies

Well, do you get caught everytime when you make your weird noises? This application can come in handy by playing weird noises, which you might love while everyone will hate this. Aren’t you being a bit kind of sadist and pacifying your manners, or are you trying to be yourself bothering not for what the world around you thinks? Whatever be the case, you can now be at your wits end by playing all sorts of awkward sounds without getting caught or spoiling your reputation.

Download: Favorite Frequencies

Jokes LOL!

Do you like reading decent to indecent jokes? Then this is the right application for you to download and have great fun reading jokes of all kinds. These jokes are mostly one liners – for example, one of the jokes that will keep you entertained will look like and might probably tempt you to download the application is as follows:
“A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don’t need it,” and “When there is a will, I want to be in it.”
If you love one-liner jokes, then this is the right application for you.

Download: Jokes LOL

Tongue Twisters

Want to be the center of attraction? Why don’t you start a game of tongue twisters in the party and get everyone to socialize. Try to amaze your friends with some of the new and the latest tongue twisters that they would not have heard of.

Download: Tongue twisters

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Usman April 7, 2012 at

Well out of all the 6 crazy apps listed here the one that attracts me is Tongue Twister that lets you test proficiency of other fellows in their mother language


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