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Have you ever been wondering what all you need to secure your computer from any kind of virus or malware that may create havoc among your files.

Well, today we’re going to discuss almost everything that you need to maintain a healthy and secure workstation.

Hm…so for a start here are some basic tips that I would recommend :

  • Activate Windows Auto-Update
  • Activate Windows Firewall
  • Get yourself a router to maintain network security

Well, for me these settings work out pretty well as I’m pretty cautious of what I download and from where I download and I even take care while connecting any external devices to my machine.

But being cautious about your activities is not your second behaviour then here are set of individual applications that you can install to get more flexibility when it comes to security.




Well, this is pretty obvious and I’m sure that you might be having some antivirus installed on your system [ P.S. I have been running my machine without an anti-virus for past one-year, hassle-free! ].

Here you’ve got two options :


You can get yourself premium applications to get premium security for your precious machine.

In this field the antivirus, I would recommend is ESET NOD 32 Smart Security.

It’s pretty impressive and all my friends are enjoying a secure working environment as they took my advice and chose the right Antivirus.

It’s worth your money!


Well, who says that the to get the best you have to empty out your pockets. I had been using a couple of free antivirus for my last PC and I never got malfunction or data error while extensively working with new files and devices.

The two best Free antivirus that I would recommend here are :

Well both of them are just amazing and the best thing about them is that they are FREE!
Anti-Malware applications are basically not antiviruses but are more specific to their jobs. They are created to get rid of the softwares that can malfunction your systems or generally known as malwares.
As per my personal experience, the best malware that you can get your hands on is Malwarebytes Anti-malware.
Well, the same application comes in two versions. One is paid and the other one being free is still a good option and can act as a stand-alone malware scanner.


Well, the to recommend a spyware I don’t a specific name but the two of the most liked anti-spywares out there in the market are :


When it comes to firewall, the first name that comes to my mind is Comodo firewall. Well, it has been topping the downloads charts and there is a strong reason behind it.
It’s pretty amazing! 
So this was our list of the best security applications that you can install to feel confident while working and have sound sleep knowing that your hardwork is safe.

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