12 best B2B eCommerce marketplaces for 2023

In recent years, B2B online sales on the worldwide B2B platform have grown by 17.8%, reaching $1.6 trillion. This indicates a progressive development of e-commerce, highlighting the significance of enterprises prioritizing online platforms. In this article will read 12 best B2B eCommerce marketplaces for 2023

A B2B eCommerce venture involves the exchange of goods and services between two corporate entities on a large scale. B2B deals are made within the supply chain for procuring materials for production. However, a dependable platform is required by businesses to facilitate efficient transactions.

10 best B2B eCommerce marketplaces for 2023

The quest for an appropriate B2B marketplace with an outstanding team for online reputation management is influenced by various factors. Manufacturers and suppliers often need sufficient time to select a suitable platform. This choice requires thorough examination as product quality, and features differ significantly across platforms. The ideal marketplace should offer commendable product recommendations, transparent pricing, and prompt delivery. Look at the following list to discover the leading B2B marketplaces.

List of best B2B eCommerce platforms


eWorldTrade is a rapidly expanding B2B marketplace that comes highly recommended. Its purpose is to streamline trade on a global scale and establish new benchmarks. At this venue, you’ll discover a broad assortment of products that eWorldTrade has certified. They’re well-acquainted with the most recent tools and functions that assist enterprises in expanding.

Their webpage is incredibly interactive, allowing buyers and sellers to connect effortlessly. They prioritize providing top-quality services to traders to help them overcome market obstacles. eWorldTrade offers exceptional membership packages with all the latest features and quick, innovative trade solutions.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is a prominent player in the B2B realm, offering effortless trading options. It is primarily a Chinese-based manufacturing hub founded in 1999. Over the years, it has diversified its portfolio and ventured into various business domains, including payment services.

The segmentation, automation tools, and reporting capabilities make Alibaba an exceptional platform for suppliers to target their audience and promote their products. It serves as an all-in-one platform for sourcing, boasting millions of products from approximately 40 major countries, which shoppers can browse through by sorting them into categories within the highly captivating platform. Additionally, there is a well-planned learning center for sourcing managers to gain valuable insights from experts.

eCommerce companies utilizing Alibaba as their marketplace must monitor their shipping process meticulously, as Alibaba has a complex shipping system that utilizes various carriers and logistics providers. If a business does not have tracking software, it may have to rely on manual checks to monitor the status of its shipments, which is inefficient and could lead to errors.

3. Tradewheel

As a b2b platform based in the USA, Tradewheel.com provides a secure environment for manufacturers and buyers to engage in trade activities. Since its establishment in 2003, the website has served more than 39 industries and amassed millions of product listings in its database. With a presence in 195 countries and units operating in key trade hubs like China, Tradewheel.com continues to facilitate commerce on a global scale.

The ISM feature of Tradewheel.com is well-known in the industry for its uniqueness. This feature connects clients with their own dedicated account manager, who is responsible for assisting manufacturers in finding buyers and vice versa. Additionally, the website can be used for free by both buyers and sellers. Every step of the process, from signing up to posting products and browsing purchase offers, is completely cost-free.


SeeBiz is a rapidly growing platform for B2B wholesale trade and also a unique networking forum for businesses. It is an all-in-one hub for all wholesale-related activities, such as sourcing, posting, viewing, and circulating information.

With a selection of more than 600,000 products provided by over 1000 certified wholesale dealers, it is simple to browse through profitable merchandise, including both commonplace and uncommon commodities.
Both purchasers and vendors can gain advantages from this.

In addition, you have the option to publish, disseminate and communicate with other enterprises. This enables you to effortlessly monitor the shifting wholesale patterns and adjust as necessary.

Furthermore, you have the ability to post, distribute, and communicate with other enterprises. This will ensure that you can effortlessly monitor the fluctuating wholesale patterns and alter your strategies consequently.

5. Amazon Business

Amazon Business has already cemented its status as a prominent player in the B2B field and has now gone one step further by introducing a distinct platform for B2B trade. Signing up for this platform is simple, requiring only a straightforward registration. Amazon Business extends its customers exclusive benefits, including unique discounts, price brackets, and seasonal promotions.

Small businesses are valued by Amazon when they partner with them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Amazon empowers its customers to adopt a thoughtful methodology. With the help of its software solutions, Amazon assists enterprises in catering to the requirements of small businesses by efficiently streamlining their procurement procedures through digital transformation.


ECPlaza is an impressive B2B marketplace that has its roots in South Korea since its establishment. There are thousands of products that are divided categorically for buyers to locate the products easily. They are expanding themselves and bringing new opportunities, cost savings, and business convenience.

ECPlaza is an international trading platform that caters to the needs of trade marketing. They provide services such as conducting market research in foreign countries and offering consultations. ECPlaza offers comprehensive details about importers, exporters, wholesalers, buyers, and sellers. They have a visionary aim of streamlining business processes by automating them.

7. Europages

Europages, a top-notch B2B platform, offers a wide range of products catering to every need. Their platform supports over 26 languages and boasts top-notch merchandise to meet clients’ needs. With their user-friendly website, searching for products has been made simple and seamless.

Europages offer more than just a means for selling goods and services. As a bonus, the platform provides access to a network of financial professionals worldwide who can help address financial inquiries. Europages also offers assistance with booking hotels and finding the right travel agents.

8. Global Sources

Global Sources is a remarkable B2B hub that caters to a worldwide audience. This platform fosters cross-continental bonds, linking Asia with English-speaking media outlets. Swift and hassle-free, Global Sources provide prompt assistance to its clients via their RFQ feature, which connects buyers with multiple suppliers to obtain free quotes.

Global Sources offers sourcing services that assist in identifying potential suppliers. Their MATCH service connects clients with suppliers who meet their specific sourcing requirements. Additionally, Global Sources provides a VIP buyers feature that offers exclusive benefits to clients. The VIP buyer’s community allows members to order samples and receive quotes within 24 hours, among other advantages.

9. Fashion United

Fashion United is a B2B marketplace in the fashion industry that caters to fashion buyers all around the globe. With over 40,000 fashion buyers registered on the platform, fashion brands can benefit from increased brand exposure and access to the fashion brands directory. This effectively brings together the fashion industry on a global scale.

Fashion United gathers information and links up with appropriate fashion professionals. They operate as an autonomous network that brings together the worldwide fashion industry. They remain responsive to their clientele to ensure exceptional satisfaction. Through the platform, their writers offer the latest news and blog posts on fashion events worldwide for clients to enjoy.

10. Made-In-China

Operating as a versatile company, Made-In-China is a longstanding B2B marketplace that deals in a range of Chinese technology products, including electronics, machinery, and equipment. As one of the largest B2B platforms globally, it caters to businesses of various sizes, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises.

Made-in-China now enables its customers to find what they are searching for conveniently. Aside from machinery and electronics, they also have a broad range of items, including clothing, computer accessories, and furniture. By utilizing the products sourcing request feature, buyers can input the specific products they need.


Fibre2Fashion is a leading platform for B2B sales of fashion, textiles, and clothing products. It boasts a product range of more than 1800 items and has a network of over 70,000 registered companies associated with it.

Fibre2Fashion features fresh blogs and newsletters on their platform that delves deep into the world of fashion-related news and economy, which are truly impressive. Individuals can select their desired membership plan based on their comfort level.

12. DH Gate

DHGate is a B2B platform allowing purchasers to buy low-volume Chinese-made goods through a worldwide wholesale brand. With over 30 million products distributed across various sections, DHGate is an all-in-one solution marketplace that offers a broad selection of merchandise, including but not limited to toys, clothing, automobile supplies, accessories, electronics, and more.

How to successfully operate in B2B eCommerce marketplaces

No matter which platform you select to initiate your e-commerce enterprise, you are likely to succeed. The list above comprises the eCommerce leaders many businesses have faith in and depend on.

Simply having an account on these platforms is insufficient. It is imperative that you establish an effective stock management strategy to enable orderly order fulfillment and return processing.

It is highly suggested that you have multichannel inventory management software if you plan to showcase your products in multiple B2B eCommerce platforms. This will synchronize all your orders, returned items, stock, and payments in one location and provide you with up-to-date information on your inventory across all channels connected to it.

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