Meesho Seller Login & Meesho Supplier Panel: Register Now!

Greetings to all our readers! We bring you exciting news for those who have startups and aim to sell their products on the Meesho shopping platform. The following blog will provide comprehensive instructions on accessing the Meesho Seller Login Portal. Meesho values its users and prioritizes their satisfaction, utilizing their feedback to enhance its offerings. The entire team, from the CEO to the customer service agents, is committed to providing an optimal user experience.  This article will read about Meesho Seller Login & Meesho Supplier Panel: Register Now!

Numerous individuals in India have successfully sold their goods through the Internet. One such platform is the Meesho Online Shopping website; a safe and beneficial option for online sellers. With Meesho, vendors can control the pricing of their products, while the website offers a broad selection of items for sale.

meesho seller login & meesho supplier panel

What is Meesho App?

With the Meesho app, you can purchase dresses at low prices. Additionally, there’s an option for suppliers to register and market their products. Meesho extends this slogan to all online merchants who recently launched companies or are new to online marketplaces.

“Become a Meesho seller and join 6 lakh+ sellers growing their business daily.”

This is a tagline that captures attention better! Accessing the Meesho platform through the Seller Login is uncomplicated and user-friendly. Locate it right here.

Meesho at a Glance

Best Online Selling Platform Meesho Seller Login
Type of Platform Reselling Online Platform
Started on 2015
Founders Sanjeev Barnwal, Vidit Aatrey
Seller Support URL
Present Revenue of Meesho Rs 3,232 crore

Meesho is a platform in India for social commerce that empowers small businesses and individuals to launch and expand their online businesses. To purchase and sell products from their mobile devices, users can install the Meesho app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

The Meesho application has become a favorite of purchasers and vendors in India due to its easy-to-use design, diverse selection of goods, and appealing prices. – Meesho Seller Login Registration

The Meesho platform enables you to establish a corporate profile requiring registration with a GSTIN, PAN card, and a valid bank account number.

Meesho is an online platform that offers individuals the opportunity to become vendors. In order to become a seller on the platform, one must complete the registration process and have a functioning bank account. A GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) is mandatory to engage in sales activities in India.

First Step for Meesho Seller Login Portal

  1. Access the official website of Meesho through its URL.
  2. Choose the option “Begin Selling” from the dashboard on the homepage.
  3.  Upon logging in, you will be greeted with a welcoming dashboard from Meesho.
  4.  To access the meesho supplier panel, you must furnish your phone number during registration.
  5.  Please input your 10-digit mobile number associated with your PAN and bank account, which will be considered valid.
  6.  A verification code will be produced and dispatched to your enrolled mobile phone.
  7.  Please input the email address previously linked with your mobile phone number.
  8.  Follow the Password Set Guidelines to create a password that contains at least eight characters.
  9. Select the “Create Account” choice to finish your initial registration phase.

Second and Final Step for registration

Your product and catalog are there

Once you have finished registering, submit your product catalogue to the Meesho Supplier Panel.

Deliver orders and receive payments.

What distinguishes us is our outstanding customer service combined with other exceptional qualities. Meesho performs order fulfillment and delivery services with the added benefit of top-notch customer care and budget-friendly shipping rates. Seller Meesho facilitates affordable shipping across India.

Getting paid

Prior to payment, there will be extra charges inclusive of GST. Meesho is an online platform that enables individuals to trade goods. Once a buyer receives their purchase, the seller receives payment 7 days later, and Meesho applies certain fees before the seller gets their payment.

  1.  Afterward, provide your name, the name of your city, the category you fall under, and other relevant details.
  2.  You can select from a range of choices, all of which are accessible.
  3.  Upon furnishing all the required details, they opt for the Register button.
  4. The Meesho sign-up procedure is completed by following these steps.

Meesho Seller Login

Provide the mobile number or email address that you registered with.

– Please input the one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone.

–  Click on the login button to access the dashboard.

To access the Meesho Seller Login dashboard, it is necessary to have a mobile number that has been registered. Enter this number on the login page along with the one-time password (OTP) that you receive. Once both fields have been filled, click the login button.

Meesho Seller Pasword Reset

  1.  Initially, access the Meesho supplier panel by logging in to the official website of Meesho for the Meesho supplier panel.
  2.  Click on the login hyperlink located on the main page subsequent to that.
  3.  Enter your email and password.
  4.  To access your Meesho seller account, simply click on the Login button.
  5.  If you wish to change your password, choose the option of “Forgot Password”.
  6.  You are currently being asked for the email address registered under your account.
  7.  Afterward, you are provided with your email address.
  8.  Next, choose “Submit Email” from the options provided.
  9. Once you complete the procedure, you may verify your mailbox for the message sent by Meesho containing your password.

Registration for Meesho Seller Login using a mobile app

If you work from home and use an Android phone, Meesho can provide valuable assistance for swiftly launching a business. You can easily retrieve the Meesho App by downloading it onto your device. Just adhere to the procedures for installing the app on your phone.

  1.  Download the Meesho application onto your mobile device via the Play Store or Apple Store.
  2.  Search for the Meesho Application through the Meesho control panel login.
  3.  Choose the next application and install the Meesho login app for sellers.
  4.  Once you have launched the app on your smartphone, click the “Continue” button.
  5.  Complete the registration form by entering your mobile phone number.
  6.  Afterward, choose the option to Use SMS.
  7.  Receiving the OTP on your mobile phone number is now possible and then pressing the Proceed button again.
  8.  You can now look for the Meesho instructional video on a recently opened page.
  9.  Afterward, proceed to the new page and input your name and contact details. Once done, select the Proceed option.
  10.  Select the option of Customize Your Profile at this moment.
  11.  Choose the “Edit Profile” option found in the Meesho seller portal.
  12.  Ensure that all details, such as full name, age, mobile number, and occupation, are on the page’s top right.
  13.  Next, choose the option Store to preserve the information in your profile.
  14.  Then, enter the bank details, including the IFSC code and account number.
  15.  In the previous tap, choose “Submit.”
  16.  Afterward, you can log in to your profile through the Meesho supplier login webpage.
  17.  Provide your bank information corresponding to your account’s phone number.
  18. Once you have done that, click on the “Submit” option. Subsequently, you must pay Rs. 2 for the validation.

Why Choose Meesho Seller Login as a Seller app?

Meesho is a company that assists individuals in launching their own businesses as resellers. This company has gained popularity for providing opportunities to people with limited financial resources. Several of the users on Meesho have achieved impressive success with their businesses.

The process of signing up for Meesho is uncomplicated. Those interested in joining Meesho must complete the registration process on their website. A considerable number of individuals have already enrolled, thereby making Meesho’s total membership approximately 22,000. The registration procedure is quick and straightforward.

Equal payment procurement a seller Meesho Login

The website’s approved payment options cater to vendors, and comparable payment alternatives are available to any type of seller.

Tensionless Meesho’s delivery services:

Meesho provides quick shipping services to their clients, which puts sellers at ease regarding the delivery process. The speedy delivery offered by Meesho has contributed to its popularity as a top reselling platform.

Easy and quick returns facility:

Meesho is an online platform that facilitates the sale of products from businesses to customers. Meesho also offers a returns service allowing businesses to return products to customers.

Professional Meesho login Account maintenance tips

The Meesho seller panel assists people who want to sell products over the Internet. They provide guidance to Meesho sellers on ways to enhance their online businesses.

A boost for new sellers

The Meesho supplier panel login assists inexperienced vendors in promoting their product catalogs through its exploration feature. Furthermore, it offers free advertising credits worth INR 1200/- to all novice suppliers who successfully achieve 7 catalog milestones within 14 days of registration.

Zero percent commission

Business owners encounter two primary obstacles while transitioning from offline to online: profitability and pricing. Meesho’s supplier panel in India offers sellers a solution to pricing concerns by allowing them to set prices without commission worries. This opportunity empowers them to compete effectively while maintaining a profitable bottom line.

Meesho Supplier Pannel Login

Meesho is a platform for social commerce in India, which empowers small businesses and individuals to set up and develop their online business. If you wish to become a vendor with Meesho, you can adhere to these procedures:

  1.  Head to the Meesho homepage at and select the “Join as a Supplier” option.
  2.  Complete the application form with your personal and company information, including your full name, email address, telephone number, and the product category you intend to market.
  3.  Upon your application’s successful evaluation and approval, Meesho will send you an email with guidelines on the beginning.
  4. Begin vending your products on the provider meesho com’s platform by uploading your merchandise catalog.

Final Note

If you’re looking for a place to purchase affordable items, then Meesho is worth checking out. The site offers various products and even allows you to potentially sign up as a seller to get noticed. Consider Meesho as your go-to shopping platform.

I trust that this blog provides useful information for you.

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