Why Is It Time to Outsource to Eastern Europe? 7 Benefits

In the current globalized business scenario, companies constantly look for ways to scale up their operations and maintain their competitive edge. As outsourcing becomes increasingly popular, Eastern Europe has become an attractive center for many for-profit companies. In this article will read about Why Is It Time to Outsource to Eastern Europe? 7 Benefits

We’ll cover the key elements contributing to Eastern Europe’s attractiveness as an outsourcing hub and explain why it’s a good time to consider moving.

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Why Do Businesses Outsource the Development of Software?

Outsourcing business projects to offshore or international companies provides various advantages to organizations. One of these benefits is the ability to exploit lower labor costs in foreign countries without the expense of maintaining an in-house team. Additionally, outsourcing Information Technology (IT) projects to Eastern Europe grants access to global experts with specialized skills in particular disciplines or technologies. Although outsourcing offers several advantages, ensuring effective communication, addressing cultural differences, and controlling quality are crucial to achieving successful outcomes.

7 Main Benefits of Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

There are numerous benefits for companies seeking operational efficiency through Eastern European outsourcing. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Talent Pool of Highly Skilled Professionals
  2. Cost-Effectiveness
  3. Strong Intellectual Property Protection
  4. Proximity and Travel Convenience
  5. Stable Political and Economic Environment
  6. Cultural Compatibility
  7. Time Zone Advantage
  8. Talent Pool of Highly Skilled Professionals

Many skilled individuals in various industries, such as software development, IT, and engineering, can be found in the talent pool of Eastern Europe. This region has a strong educational system focusing on technical fields, resulting in knowledgeable and certified experts. Companies can benefit from a vast range of expertise, including advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning.


Opting for outsourcing in Eastern Europe can result in substantial cost reductions compared to other outsourcing locations or the upkeep of in-house staff. The region’s affordable services and top-notch products result in a cost-effective quality ratio, allowing businesses to curtail their recruitment, training, infrastructure, and overhead costs.

Strong Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property protection in Eastern European countries is tightly regulated by legal systems and legislation that have been firmly established. As a result, businesses have the peace of mind of knowing that their confidential information and proprietary technology will be safeguarded against unauthorized exposure or use, preserving their confidentiality.

Proximity and Travel Convenience

The close proximity of Eastern and Western Europe enables businesses to easily arrange in-person meetings with their outsourcing partners and establish durable business collaborations. This convenience is due to the short travel distances and limited time zone differences, which facilitate efficient project management and communication.

Stable Political and Economic Environment

Over the years, Eastern European countries have seen significant political and economic stability improvement. As a result, outsourcing risks have decreased, and a favorable atmosphere for business has emerged. Moreover, this stability ensures a reliable infrastructure, advanced technology, and modern amenities.

Cultural Compatibility

It’s common for Eastern European countries to share cultural similarities and work ethics with Western European and North American companies. They exhibit high levels of professionalism, communicate efficiently, and demonstrate a collaborative attitude. Due to their close cultural proximity, communication barriers are minimized, which encourages positive working relationships and collaboration.

Time Zone Advantage

Project management and communication tend to be more efficient, resulting in increased productivity and reduced delays, due to the typical business hour overlap between Eastern European countries and Western Europe and the United States. Real-time cooperation, seamless coordination, and faster response times are made possible.

Destinations for It Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

IT outsourcing has gained prominence in Eastern Europe, with many locations known for their skilled labor force and favorable business climate. The region boasts several top centers for IT outsourcing, as highlighted below:


Due to a large pool of skilled software developers, engineers, and IT specialists, Ukraine has emerged as a prime destination for IT outsourcing. The country is known for its reasonable rates, business-friendly environment, and thorough focus on technical education. Many major cities, including Lviv, Kyiv, and Kharkiv, boast thriving IT industries and communities.


Thanks to its strong IT infrastructure, skilled workforce, and strategic location, Poland has emerged as a preferred center for outsourcing. Poland boasts of a thriving IT sector, with software development, cyber security, and data analytics competencies. Many of the country’s cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, and Wrocław, are home to many IT firms and skilled professionals.


Romania’s IT industry has experienced significant growth thanks to its skilled labor force, competitive costs, and proficient English, French, and German language abilities. Bucharest is a major IT center, while locations like Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca offer favorable conditions for outsourcing IT services.


Bulgaria has become an attractive center for IT outsourcing because its workforce is highly educated and multilingual. Furthermore, the country stands out for its competitive business environment, advanced technological infrastructure, and favorable taxation laws. Although other cities such as Plovdiv and Varna also play a role in Bulgaria’s IT sector, the capital city of Sofia is particularly bustling with IT businesses.


Hungary has established itself as an IT outsourcing hub by combining technical proficiency, affordability, and proximity to Western Europe. The country’s capital city, Budapest, boasts numerous IT enterprises and startups that benefit from a skilled workforce and a conducive business climate.


The technical education system of Belarus is renowned for its efficacy, along with its thriving IT industry. The country has many skilled engineers and software developers specializing in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and software development. Belarus’s primary IT hub is in its capital city, Minsk.


IT outsourcing has become increasingly popular in Eastern Europe due to its numerous advantages for companies seeking to streamline their operations. The region boasts an abundant supply of highly competent workers, affordability, cultural suitability, and welcoming business environments.

Eastern Europe’s expertise and cost-effectiveness in numerous IT services, such as cybersecurity, data analysis, and software creation, can aid businesses in enhancing their competitiveness and encouraging innovation.

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