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The MyOLSD Portal is a web portal for students, parents, teachers, and administrators to log in to and retrieve educational materials. It establishes a secure and trustworthy communication channel and an easy-to-use online learning environment for students.In this article will read  MYOLSD Login – Olentangy Local School District By ClassLink –

myolsd login

The MyOLSD Portal is created by Classlink, an online cloud-based website enabling students to access numerous educational applications in one location easily. Watch for further information on how to log into the portal effortlessly.

About Myolsd

Myolsd is short for the Olentangy Local School District in Ohio, USA. It is an internet-based platform that offers educational resources and assistance, managed by the schools in the Olentangy district. Using the Class Link, individuals can enter sixteen schools, including fifteen elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools.

Teachers and students utilize the Portal to accomplish various tasks and gain unique insights that cannot be found in other platforms but in a single integrated system.

We have compiled this article to support your child’s education.

Overview of Olentangy Local School District

The main aim of the Olentangy Local School District is to create an optimal educational atmosphere for each and every learner. This perspective influences all the choices and actions taken. The mission is to instill certain crucial elements into pupils’ character, including ethical and social values, intellectual progression, and interpersonal bonding. Ultimately, this helps them become accountable community members in the future.

How to register to MyOLSD Portal

The MyOLSD Portal, accessed through Classlink, is available to the school and its administration. Upon registration, the administrative department provides students with their respective usernames and passwords when they enroll in a course, enabling them to access the beneficial Portal.

Furthermore, it is not possible for a student to self-register on the Portal. In order to fully utilize the Portal’s features, they must reach out to the administration and obtain the necessary login credentials, namely their username, and password.

Login Requirements

MYOLSD Login Requirements

To be able to enter the Portal, the user must satisfy the following criteria, which are listed beneath.

  1.  The webpage address for the official website of MyOLSD.
  2. Distinct OLSD Login Credentials
  3.  Web browser with fast speed.
  4.  Mobile device, handheld computer, portable computer, desktop computer.
  5. A consistently stable internet connection.

Once all the listed criteria have been satisfied, you can access the Myolsd portals.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Sign in to Myolsd Account at, with Step-by-Step Instructions.

Login page

  1.  To make things easier for you, we have prepared a detailed guide on accessing MyOlsd by following a series of steps.
  2.  Input the website address into the search field or type “login to”.
  3.  On the homepage of Classlink, you’ll be presented with a pair of choices for logging in.
  4.  One possibility is to sign in using your username and password.
  5.  The alternate choice allows for logging in via a swift card.
  6.  To access your account using your username and password, choose the “Sign In With SAML option.”
  7.  To log in to your account, input your username and password.
  8.  Using the quick card method as your login option, your device will activate the camera automatically.
  9.  By scanning your card, you can instantly gain access to your Myolsd Portal.

Please close the browser entirely.

Login using the quick card

How to Reset Myolsd Login Password?

Unfortunately, you cannot reset the Classlink login for students and parents alone. You must contact the admin team for assistance immediately to avoid any information loss. Here is the contact information to contact if you want to reset your myolsd login credentials.

Regrettably, it’s not possible for you to reset the Classlink login for students and parents single-handedly. To prevent any loss of information, you need to contact the admin team without delay to seek their assistance. Below is the contact information to reset your myolsd login details.


Contact Number 740 657 4050
Fax 740 657 4099
Contact Address Olentangy Schools,
7840 GraphicsWay Lewis Centre,
OH 43035. oletangy school district

Myolsd Portal Benefits

  1. The Myolsd Portal provides advantages for students, parents, and teachers at the same time.
  2. By using the myolsd apps or Portal, guardians can effortlessly retrieve the scholastic accomplishments of their offspring.
  3. The Portal allows parents and teachers to form separate groups, which are closely monitored by administrators for any misuse. Appropriate action is taken if any inappropriate behavior is detected.
  4. Educators have the ability to attain access to all student activities, in addition to disseminating learning resources and various informative hyperlinks to their pupils.
  5. The students have the ability to access details pertaining to their classes and assignments and also monitor their academic advancement. The calendar feature assists them in keeping track of critical deadlines associated with their obligations and duties.

Therefore, the Portal acts as a unified stage that encourages education and simplifies oversight for both parents and educators.
Significant Applications on the Myolsd Classroom Link

Outlined below are several crucial applications that are accessible to children via the Myolsd Classroom Link:

  1. CodeStart
  2. DropBox
  3. ScootPad
  4. Britannica Digital Learning
  5. Edmodo
  6. MobyMax
  7. Follett
  8. PBS Kids

Challenges accessing MYOLSD account.

If Windows or Mac users encounter problems accessing Myolsd, they can readily utilize alternative login techniques.

Chromebook Login

You may employ this solution if you encounter problems accessing the myOLSD Portal.

Attempt to access a Chromebook by logging in.

Select the option for logging in using an alternate account.

Please provide your full email address in the format of [email protected].

When prompted, input your password.

In the new window, it is possible to access various resources such as Schoology and PowerSchool manually.

Schoology OLSD access for users on the Windows operating system.

You can access Schoology independently of myOLSD Portal by doing the following steps.

Input into the address field of your internet browser.

Select the SSO Login option situated below the Forget Your Password alternative.

Begin your quest to find your school by looking up its name.

Click Login.

Therefore, using the MyOLSD Portal will not be necessary to gain access to this.

Access to Olentangy’s PowerSchool platform.

Certainly, accessing my old PowerSchool is also feasible for you when encountering difficulties logging into the primary Portal.

Enter “PowerSchool for Parents or Students” on the search field of your web browser.

Please provide your login credentials, whether you are a guardian or a scholar.

You will have successful access to PowerSchool.



What to do if you are facing myolsd sign-in issues?

It is possible to contact the administrators by dialing 740 657 4050 or accessing the Chromebook, Powerschool, and Schoology websites.

How can I check my attendance on myolsd?

To confirm attendance, simply access the portal and click on wmlink/attendance.

How to log in on myolsd using a quick card?

Simply opt for the second choice labeled “Login Using Quick Card” on the homepage, granting your browser permission to use your camera. Proceed by scanning your card, and you will be all set!

What are the key benefits of using my old portal?

Students are able to access information about their courses, including their progress, schedule, tasks, and assignments. Parents can oversee their children’s academic development, while teachers can observe the progress and activities of each individual student.

Final Verdict about

MyOLSD is a highly efficient gateway offering students access to many valuable resources. It allows them to track their advancement in various courses swiftly, retrieve attendance data, gather information on all subjects, and obtain essential information necessary for their enrollment in the Olentangy Local School District. Moreover, this portal is equally beneficial to parents and educators; it enables them to monitor their students’ performance and disseminate relevant information through this platform.

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