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SSM Health is a healthcare system that is Catholic and not-for-profit. It delivers extensive medical care to communities throughout the Midwest, employing a thoroughly integrated and robust healthcare system. The organization boasts nearly 40,000 employees and over 11,000 providers committed to providing excellent healthcare service and demonstrating God’s healing presence to all they serve. In this article will read SSM Smart Square Login Access | SSM Health Employee Portal

SSM Health is present in four states, namely Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, with a network of 23 hospitals, over 290 physician offices, and multiple virtual care and outpatient facilities. Their line of offerings also includes various home care services, hospice services, pharmacy benefit corporations, health insurance, and an accountable care organization for the welfare of their patients. They also provide post-acute care facilities specifically designed for patients suffering from chronic or long-term illnesses or disabilities.

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SSM Health is present in four states – Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin- and has established 23 hospitals, more than 290 physician offices, virtual care services, and outpatient facilities. They provide inclusive home care and hospice services, operate a pharmacy benefit corporation, a health insurance firm, and an accountable care organization. Moreover, they run ten post-acute care centers catering to patients with chronic, long-term disorders or disabilities.

The majority, specifically 88 percent, of Smart Square usage is in the United States; the remaining portion is distributed among other countries. Smart Square login portal for SSM makes scheduling uncomplicated for healthcare workers, and SSM utilizes this system for the purpose of smarter and more convenient labor management.

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How to Log In to the SSM Smart Square Login Portal?

Below are some easy methods to access the SSM Smart Square login tool

  • Click on the provided link to access the SSM Smart Square health website. This page serves as the entrance point for logging in to SSM Smart Square.

The website for health is called SSM Smart Square.

  • Click on the “MyChart” located in the top-right section. You will be asked to provide your login credentials, enter a password, and
  • select the ‘login’ button. If you wish to register, you can easily do so by following the simple instructions on the website.

The webpage for accessing SSM Health accounts.

If you happen to forget your password,

  • Upon clicking ‘Forgot your password?’, you will be redirected to the password support page of the website. However, it should be noted that this is not the login page for SSM Smart Square. The option to reset your password can be found directly on the SSM Smart Square login page.

In case you lose or overlook your password,
The login page for SSM Smart Square.

  •  Enter your login ID into the designated field and hit ‘Send’. Your password will be dispatched to the email address you provided.

The password for SSM Smart Square was lost/forgotten.

  • To log back in, simply go back to the login page.
  • If you haven’t yet protected your email address on SSM Smart Square, don’t hesitate to contact a SSM Smart Square team member for assistance.

How to Use SSM Smart Square on a Mobile Device

The Smart Square application can be located on the main screen of your mobile device.

iPhone users should know the following

The following information is important for individuals who use an iPhone.

1. Go to the ‘Menu’ area at the bottom of the display.

2. Select “Share.”

3. Navigate to the right of the screen to locate the option for “Add to home screen” or a symbol depicting a Plus (+).

4. Click the “Add” button on the screen that appears next.

Android users should pay attention to the following information:

1. Integrate Smart Square into the web browser on our mobile device.

2. If you are using Chrome as your browser, you can either click on the ‘Create bookmark’ icon, the starry symbol to the right of the URL bar, or the three horizontal lines that will pop up.

3. Select the drop-down menu for the “Add to” option.

4. Once you click ‘Home screen,’ the task is complete! The icon will now become visible on your device’s home screen.

If you are unfamiliar with SSM’s Smart Square URL, which has a unique web link for each organization, do not hesitate to contact your Network Administrator.

Let us now discuss Avanta and Smart Square.

Avanta is a leading producer of labor management systems designed for the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Their workforce management products include healthcare scheduling, operational guidance, predictive analytics, and recovery acceleration technologies, which greatly improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry. Moreover, Avanta’s flagship product is the Smart Square software solution, a robust tool that provides complete labor management solutions.

This tool, designed for healthcare and hospital industries, is user-friendly and benefits staff, managers, and upper management. It helps save time, minimize scheduling conflicts, cut expenses, boost employee morale, and simplify predictive analytics for managers.

The SSM Smart Square system has a technique to arrange schedules well in advance, up to 120 days, which helps businesses avoid scrambling to find the staff at the last minute and makes it easier to hire temporary employees. Furthermore, there is a requirement that requests for time off must be submitted three months ahead of the intended absence.

SSM Smart Square’s main characteristics are as follows:

SSM Smart Square

Enhances scheduling

Smart Square can manage various schedules like cyclic shift schedules, self-scheduling, on-call scheduling, open shift administration, and rapid shift recruitment. This enables organizations to efficiently plan their workforce allocation in the right time and place to meet their patients’ requirements.

Time Administration

Smart Square optimizes healthcare administration by streamlining the process and reducing unnecessary strain. This innovative system employs a scheduling technique that plans shifts up to 120 days beforehand, eliminating the need for last-minute personnel searches and simplifying recruiting contingent workers for SSM Smart Square healthcare. As a result, it saves valuable time for everyone involved.


Smart Square ensures transparency at all levels

SSM Smart Square

Through this software, users are able to thoroughly inspect all aspects of the hospital, including the buildings, departments, employee availability, and scheduling changes, providing a quick solution to any problems or adjustments required.

Several Other Features

  1. Offers a multitude of dashboards to enhance precision in the monitoring of operations.
  2. By doing so, managers can evaluate achievement and results, assigning extra work hours or developing solutions.
  3. Observing effectiveness and time spent working, along with assessing expenses.
  4. It allows for the tracking of significant metrics to evaluate advancement toward objectives.
  5. To gain a more in-depth understanding of statistics, SSM Smart Square provides visual aids such as graphs, histograms, circular graphs, and grids.
  6. This software product is used by companies that have a significant workforce.
  7. The workforce of SSM Healthcare consists of approximately 40,000 individuals, including roughly 11,000 providers. The utilization of this technology streamlines and enhances the management of staff members.
  8. This is a remarkable portable tool that can be utilized from any location. This innovation can be utilized by healthcare professionals not present in person at the establishment.
  9. The organization makes advance plans for holidays and rotations in order to prioritize its contingency staffing needs.

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At SSM Health, we value our employees greatly. Our commitment lies in supporting them to live healthy life by providing them with a comprehensive benefits package tailored to their individual needs, which includes promoting their physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Our extensive range of employee benefits covers health insurance, life insurance, accidental injury, and dismemberment coverage, long-term disability insurance, reimbursement accounts for health and dependent care, compensation for overtime work, support for tuition fees, adoption costs reimbursement, an assistance program, various retirement plan options, and additional perks.


The details provided earlier can be helpful for employees and other individuals who wish to use the SSM Smart Square application by logging in from the SSM Smart Square Login website. Consequently, our aim is that this piece has addressed any lingering uncertainties regarding the SSM Smart Square scheduling software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Smart Square?

Healthcare professionals employ a web-based application for recruitment and scheduling purposes to ease the staffing burden.

Why is SSM Smart Square used?

SSM Health is a not-for-profit entity catering to various health concerns, with a workforce of nearly 40,000 employees and 11,000 providers. Overseeing such a sizable workforce would be challenging if not for the assistance of Smart Square.

Is this compatible with both Android and iPhone?

Indeed, it works well with both Android and iPhone devices. You may refer to the section called “How to Access SSM Smart Square on Mobile Phones?” within this post to acquire additional details.

Who is eligible to utilize SSM Smart Square?

All SSM Smart Square Healthcare employees, regardless of rank, have access to this resource. It can be utilized by workers for organizing schedules, supervisors for enhancing work conditions, streamlining operations, and filling vacant shifts promptly, as well as executive management for more in-depth predictive analysis and promoting employee satisfaction.

In order to qualify for benefits, it is necessary for you to be allocated to work at least 40 hours every pay period, which is equal to half-time or more. “Regularly scheduled” means that you have a status of 0.5 full-time equivalents (FTE) or higher with the Human Resources department. You will not be considered ” regularly scheduled if you work additional hours, but your FTE status is only 0.4; you will not be considered “regularly scheduled.” Your benefits will become effective from the first day of the month following your hire date.

How can I contact Smart Square SSM customer service?

If you experience difficulties while utilizing Smart Square, do not hesitate to contact their customer service at 1 (855) 700-6000. You can also seek help from Superusers who have undergone proper training to aid other personnel using this system.

Who exactly are Super Users?

Nurses and supervisors granted elevated privileges in Smart Square are known as Super Users. They have undergone training to aid all other staff members who use the system.

Where can we get the highlights and details of the Smart Square policy?

You can access all the Smart Square policy details in the ‘Policy Stat’ directory in the ‘Staffing Center.’

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