10 Best Free Landscape Design Software

Without the aid of landscape design software, yards worldwide would lack visual appeal, and only a few stunning lawns would exist. Envision building a garden replica with tiny trees, water features, and plant life by hand, or even worse, constructing fencing, garden beds, and storage structures just to gauge their appearance in your outdoor area. Avoid the hassle by understanding the significance of planning in this field and embracing landscape design software as your valuable ally.

With this specific software for architecture, you can easily create stunning designs that are fit for your ideal home. It contains a variety of different furniture, wall, and roofing patterns, as well as tools for creating outdoor gardens and driveways. 

10 Best Free Landscape Design Software

This article presents a list of 10 excellent landscape design software options that are available for free. We have carefully selected them to save you time and effort in your search. These software programs are diverse in terms of their pricing structure, ranging from completely free to having a free version with upgrade options or a free trial. Some of them are standalone tools that are free without any strings attached. They cater to a wide range of users, including homeowners, professionals, hobbyists, and businesses looking to explore before making a commitment to purchase. By selecting from this list, you can experience the benefits of these software programs without any financial burden. in this article will Read 10 Best Free Landscape Design Software

1. SketchUp Free

Key Features of SketchUp Free

  1.  You can access it directly from your web browser, without any requirements for downloading or using a credit card, only an internet connection.
  2.  The cloud storage provided can accommodate data of up to 10 GB.
  3.  The software allows for some level of compatibility as it can bring in PNG, JPG, SKP, and STL files and transfer out SKP, PNG, and STL files.
  4.  It has the ability to link up with Trimble’s 3D Warehouse, which happens to be among the largest collections of 3D models globally.
  5. Using the SketchUp Viewer, models created with it can be viewed on Android and iOS devices.

2. DreamPlan

Key Features of DreamPlan

  1.  This tool is user-friendly and can be enjoyed by both seasoned experts and novices in the landscaping industry.
  2.  This has the ability to alter the topography of outdoor spaces into a landscaped design.
  3.  Gridlines are visible not only when in 2D mode but also in 3D mode.
  4.  The trace mode feature enables the transformation of imported house plan images into functional 3D models.
  5. Expansion packages can be downloaded to provide supplemental content.

3. Plan-a-Garden

Key Features of Plan-a-Garden

  1.  It employs a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature to rearrange objects.
  2.  There are multiple scenery options available to use as a background, which can enhance the overall appearance of your garden.
  3.  There are over 900 plants that can be utilized, consisting of trees, perennials, and shrubs.
  4.  The landscape being developed is enhanced by an array of textures, including shining blue water ponds, pebbly footpaths, and reddish brick patios.
  5. It permits the installation of features such as pergolas, barriers, basketball goals, and storage units to enhance visual appeal.

4. Garden Planner

Key Features of Garden Planner

  1.  The library offers a selection of over 1,200 symbols representing objects and plants for users to browse and select from.
  2.  The feature permits customization of each symbol’s color, style, and size, allowing for their application to an extensive array of real-world objects.
  3.  The tool has the ability to effortlessly fashion a design for herb gardens and vegetable plots.
  4.  The virtual tour allows one to traverse the garden in three dimensions through movement.
  5. With its uncomplicated methodology and utilities, one can produce sturdy landscape and garden layouts in just a matter of minutes.

5. Marshalls Garden Visualiser

Key Features of Marshalls Garden Visualiser

  1.  While constructing a garden, one is able to make use of 3D visualization and also take a virtual tour through the design.
  2.  The garden size can be determined to achieve a more precise design.
  3.  If you don’t want to begin with a blank page, this tool offers a selection of pre-made themes to select from.
  4.  You can make a request to Marshall for details on the materials utilized in the design so that you can place an order for them with ease.
  5. There is an abundance of items and goods available for selection.

6. Terragen

Key Features of Terragen

  1.  Using this tool, you have the ability to modify the landscape to resemble precisely what you envisioned, or even surpass it in quality.
  2.  This software showcases exceptional rendering abilities when it comes to elements such as the atmosphere, clouds and various objects.
  3.  The design includes a wide variety of advanced shaders that can be utilized on numerous elements.
  4.  With its ability to construct, portray and control various objects, it can create a comprehensive atmosphere.
  5. It has the ability to depict the natural surroundings or scenery with a high degree of realism.

7. Kerkythea

Key Features of Kerkythea

  1.  The software offers a potent material editor that enables precise manipulation of the end result’s quality.
  2.  The interface comprises all the essential instruments required to streamline the setting up of scenes through automation.
  3.  It offers precise material scalability that is true to life.
  4.  It utilizes the principles of real world physics to achieve global illumination in rendering.
  5. This tool has the ability to produce highly realistic renditions of your 3D models.

8. PRO Landscape Home

Key Features of PRO Landscape Home

  1.  You can access it on your Android, iOS, or Amazon Kindle devices.
  2.  In just a few minutes, one can produce breathtaking landscape designs using this feature.
  3.  You can publicize your design concepts across various social media platforms.
  4.  It assists in actualizing your designs by either referring a landscape contractor or providing guidance and support in constructing it on your own.
  5. The library is adaptable and provides a plethora of pictures from which you may select.

9. iScape App

Key Features of iScape App

  1.  The tool boasts uncomplicated functionality, yet offers robust features that even beginners can navigate with ease.
  2.  The tool includes numerous design components that can be integrated into your assignment.
  3.  The system possesses a complete list of items, enabling a convenient and effortless purchase procedure for those who opt to avail it.
  4.  The feature enables the exchange of concepts, visuals, and undertakings, which comes in handy when working in partnership with someone.
  5. If you are intent on taking your landscaping design seriously, this platform offers a means of recruiting skilled landscapers.

10. Lands Design

Key Features of Lands Design

  1.  This software package provides a comprehensive solution for landscape design and landscaping projects.
  2.  It simplifies the time-consuming tasks involved in CAD design, such as generating tables for documentation and creating automatic fire sprinkler systems, among other things.
  3.  The database boasts an extensive collection of design components, including 1,800 species of plants, 500 plant drawings in both 2D and 3D, blocks of urban furniture, and civil work objects.
  4.  The walk mode is part of its functionalities, giving users the ability to walk through the generated area to inspect the appearance of the 3D models used in their design during implementation.
  5. The nXtRender plugin has the ability to produce images that are incredibly realistic, which enhances visualization.


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