Free Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password 2023

Hotstar Premium Account Free: Do you play sports?

An individual passionate about sports who desires to stream live matches on their mobile device without charge?

You have come to the correct location if you are seeking a resolution.

Research findings indicate that 85% of India’s populace desires access to a real-time sports streaming app or website. Regarding this, the Hotstar Premium account offers a viable solution to your need.

Hotstar is a platform that offers live streaming of various sports matches, including Cricket, Tennis, Football, and other premium sports content. Established in 2015, Hotstar has become India’s equivalent to Netflix, offering many popular shows and web series for users to enjoy. New shows are frequently added to the app, which keeps users engaged and connected.

free hotstar premium account

The app’s popularity has resulted in a significant increase in its user base. The company aims to generate revenue and has implemented a strategy offering unique plans and features. Premium members can now enjoy various web series, shows, live matches, and sports channels. Additionally, Hotstar provides later access to certain TV shows than other channels. To access these features, users can obtain a free Hotstar premium account username and password 2023 on their phones.

There are two Plans for User

#1 Hotstar Premium (999rs Yearly/ 199rs Monthly): This strategy encompasses all the series and web shows present under the premium category presently and those that will be released in the future.

#2 Hotstar All Sports (299rs yearly): With this scheme, users can access live streams of various sports and enjoy them throughout the year.

How to get Hotstar Premium for Free?

The tips and techniques below are highly reliable and have been extensively used by my team to successfully access the Hotstar premium account for free, with a guaranteed success rate of 100%. There are various approaches to obtain premium account access, such as obtaining the username and password of an already activated premium account through means like Virtual Credit Card, Jio Sim Card, and third-party applications, among others, as listed below:

METHOD #1 Bugmeout website Get ID and PASSWORD

In order to obtain premium account privileges on Hotstar, an individual must possess the login credentials of someone who has already purchased this package. Various web platforms exist that facilitate the acquisition of some of these usernames and passwords.

  1. “Head directly to BugMeNot.”
  2. This page is available for entering the website you wish to access, along with your login credentials.
  3. Enter “” in the search field, and the outcome will be displayed.
  4. Credentials with premium access are already linked to the account ID and passwords.

The website provides numerous login credentials for Hotstar and other websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others that necessitate a paid subscription.


With the arrival of Jio in India, a significant change was brought about as more people began using the internet. Additionally, Jio introduced various services for its customers.

Talking of Jio?

Jio offers different apps for various purposes, such as Jio Music, designed for music streaming, Jio Chat for messaging, and Jio TV to access TV shows on your Android device. Moreover, Jio is giving away Hotstar Premium account login credentials for free to its users, valid until 2023.

How to use Jio to get a Hotstar premium Account in India Using Jio sim


  1.  To begin with, launch the jio TV application, look for Star Plus TV programs, and select the desired one.
  2. The Hotstar application will be forwarded to you, or if you do not possess the application, you will be directed to download it from the play store.
  3. Hotstar login screen will ask you to log in with a jio number OR Simply skip login. It will automatically log in with jio.
  4. If you have already logged in to your Jio account on other Jio apps, you can simply bypass the need to log in to them separately as they will automatically use your number to log you in.


Another way to access or obtain a free Hotstar premium account is by using a virtual credit card. Several apps offer a one or two-month free trial, but in order to attain a Hotstar premium account username and password in 2023, credit card information must be provided. Once this is done, a free trial will be granted.

Once the complimentary trial period expires, payment will be automatically deducted from your account. However, it is considered an exceptional technique for obtaining a few months of premium access without payment for certain individuals. A few resort to utilizing complimentary virtual credit cards to gain entry to such material.

  1. How can I get this Hostar premium for free
  2. Launch Hotstar on your Android device and create a new account using a fresh email address. Make sure to provide all necessary
  3. information during the registration process.
  4.  Begin your search for a premium banner and select one. After selecting, the app will redirect you to a page showcasing all available premium plans.
  5. However, there’s no need to worry because they offer new users a complimentary trial period of one to two months. Nevertheless, you must furnish your credit card information to avail of this offer.
  6.  To proceed, simply select the option for a complimentary trial and enter your credit card information on the Zeta App.
  7. Navigate to the Google Play store and search for the keyword “Zeta app” in order to download it.
  8. Log into that account and deposit 10 rupees into the wallet.
  9. You can now gain entry to the Virtual Credit Card through this platform.
  10. Receive Hotstar trial access by providing this detail and pay 10 INRs to the Zeta app. This payment will grant you a complimentary 2-month premium account.

You can utilize the ZETA APP or any other app that provides a virtual credit card to sign up for a new Gmail account and enjoy another two months of a free trial, two months after your original sign-up.

METHOD #4 USING SAVED COOKIES – Hotstar Premium Account Cookies

Obtaining a free Hotstar premium account can be accomplished through cookies. Although some people may find this approach challenging, it is just as uncomplicated as other methods. To carry out this procedure, adhere to the following directives.

1. Access the Chrome Browser on your computer or laptop and read “Web developer extension.” Choose the first hyperlink and click “Add it to Chrome” to activate the extension.
2. Access the Hotstar website and use the web extension to clear the site’s cookies and add new ones.
3. If you want to activate a Hotstar Premium account for free, you can find many available on the dark web by searching for New Cookies.


1. One can obtain exclusive shows by utilizing a third-party app. To accomplish this, adhere to the guidelines given below:

2. You can obtain the Videoloder app by clicking the below button.


1. launch the app and navigate to the straightforward interface. Within it, you must find and tap the Hotstar emblem.
2. Browse through the Hotstar webpage, investigate premium content, and proceed to select it.
3. When prompted to upgrade to a premium account, don’t worry; a little button will appear at the bottom to click on, initiating the processing.
4. Upon clicking “Download Windows,” the software will prompt you to select your preferred quality. Once you have made your choice, you may proceed to download premium content without any monetary charges.

METHOD #6 Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

If the previous approaches are ineffective, you may opt for the compilation of free Hotstar premium account information given below. Moreover, by dropping your comments in the designated section, you can receive the most recent username and password for a free Hotstar premium account in 2023.

I have provided you with a Hotstar Premium Account with an already activated one-year subscription plan. If there are any issues, kindly post a comment in the designated section.

Free Hotstar Premium Account List

User ID  Password
[email protected] gdrehyfb
[email protected] Doreen
[email protected] Gdfgeesdre
[email protected] bibor9873

ACCOUNT:- [email protected]  PASSWORD:-9796plmko
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:-bnmjg685
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- Doreen123##
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- uparmunda123
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- mamata7896@
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- naktideul098
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- uhrgdkhmlrtm975
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:- misslina##
ACCOUNT:[email protected]  PASSWORD:-ranjitsahu

NOTE: Before publishing the post, all the tips and techniques mentioned above have been manually verified and proven functional. However, as some tips are not entirely lawful, Hotstar has taken down a few. Therefore, please test each technique and leave a comment below regarding any non-functioning ones in order to assist others.

My Opinion

As someone passionate about sports and never wants to miss a game, I highly recommend purchasing a premium subscription legally rather than trying various methods and techniques. It is a great bargain as it only costs 200 rs per year. However, it may be wiser to explore the aforementioned links for individuals who love browsing the internet and watching new series and shows, as spending 999 rs is a significant sum.

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