18 Reasons Why Tablets are Better than your Smartphones

Tablets have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their ability to strike the ideal balance between smartphones and laptops. They are essentially compact and portable notebooks that run on mobile operating systems. Unlike smartphones, tablets offer a distinct appearance and advantages, serving as a cross between laptops and upgraded versions of smartphones that people can take with them wherever they go. Experts predict that if technology continues to advance at the same rate, tablets could soon replace laptops in a significant way.

Why Tablets are Better than your Smartphones

A heated discussion is currently taking place on various online forums regarding the superiority of either a Tablet or a Smartphone. We believe that now is the opportune moment to put this debate to rest once and for all. So, here you go:

1. Tablets are Less Expensive than Smartphones

Tablets offer the major benefit of being cost-effective compared to smartphones, despite having equivalent features and being slim and lightweight. Generally, the price of tablets is notably lower than that of top-of-the-line smartphones from various brands. Furthermore, if one intends to reduce smartphone expenses, choosing a tablet can prove to be a wise decision. As a matter of fact, the cost of premium smartphones is usually double that of a standard budget tablet, affirming the cost-effectiveness of tablets in their performance.

2. Better Gaming Experience

If you’re looking to play the Walking Dead episodic adventure game on a device with a small screen, it’s recommended that you opt for a tablet rather than a smartphone. The game’s incredible acting, stunning graphics, and intense atmosphere won’t be complemented well by a smartphone’s relatively small display. Therefore, if you want an unparalleled gaming experience, it’s important to identify the best tablet for gaming and ditch your old phone for a new one.

3. Tablets have Better Battery Life than Smartphones

When considering battery life, tablets generally outperform smartphones and even laptops. Compared to smartphones that often struggle to maintain battery power, tablets are capable of lasting much longer, even when subjected to heavy usage. This is highlighted by the fact that smartphone battery life can be significantly reduced when running power-intensive applications, often lasting only a few hours before requiring a recharge.

4. Tablets are Less Cumbersome than Smartphones

It’s impractical to carry your laptops around with you when you’re traveling by taxi or catching a flight. It’s simply not enjoyable. With laptops, you need to locate a reasonably stable and even surface to set them up. Additionally, the laptop must be opened up to see the screen or type on the keyboard. On the other hand, with a tablet, you feel at peace as you stroll around since it is very straightforward to turn it on in any environment.

5. Better at Composing Music

For those who have a love for high-quality audio equipment, tablets offer another fantastic benefit – the ability to both compose and read sheet music. For instance, there are apps available such as Cadenza Live for iOS, that provide the experience of using a proper digital audio workstation or editing interface for sheet music. Not only can you create and read sheet music, but you can also edit it, save it to your laptop, and even share it with others online. In contrast, smartphones only allow users to listen to music but not create it on a tablet.

6. Better at Watching Online Videos

If you’re lounging on the couch and in the mood to browse video platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube, your optimal choice would be a tablet. Due to their expansive screen size, they outperform smartphones by a significant margin. Tablets provide a more comfortable and effortless experience when it comes to consuming various media on multiple platforms, making it a more delightful experience in contrast to smartphones.

7. Better at Reading books & news

Tablets are popular because they offer a comfortable and relaxed way for people to read complete articles, e-books, novels, and so on. Although there are numerous news apps available for smartphones, they are not as engaging primarily due to their limited screen size and other problems like battery life constraints.

8. Tablets are Better than Smartphones in Actual Work

Although mobile versions of apps like Google Sheets, Microsoft Office and Google Docs are available, it’s challenging to properly view or edit spreadsheets, presentations and documents on your costly smartphone. On the other hand, when you use a tablet, these apps can be enjoyed as effortlessly as play and they can be edited in the same way as they would be on a laptop.

9. Better in Display

When it comes to gaming and entertainment, bigger screen size is always an advantage, and Tablets are renowned for precisely that. Bigger screens offer a wider workspace and room to accomplish any task. Several large tablets come with a display that rivals that of smaller laptops. Compared to smartphones, which are simply gaming devices, they are more productive.

10. Tablets are more Flexible than Smartphones

Throughout time, tablets have developed into devices that can perform the same functions as a laptop. They are also more advanced and flexible than smartphones. Almost every tablet has the ability to record videos, capture pictures, and allow for video conferences. Furthermore, they are now being referred to as E-readers which can hold a vast collection of books while on the move.

A tablet combines the features of both laptops and smartphones, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. With a tablet, you can access many of the same functions as a smartphone and also switch to a laptop-style mode when necessary.

11. Access to Multiple Applications

Tablets provide an avenue for accessing various applications that are challenging to run on smartphones. With tablets, you can browse the news, go through reviews, create music and hunt for an unlimited amount of content. While smartphones are highly mobile, their screen size may limit their functionality. Thus, instead of going for a smartphone with expansive dimensions, it would be better to switch to a tablet to enjoy gaming, reading, and accessing valuable online material.

12. Low Possibility of Getting Misplaced

According to a recent survey, Tablets are less likely to be misplaced than Smartphones. Tablets, being larger and more portable than laptops, can be carried around without the fear of losing them. Due to their size, they are easily recognizable, which gives them a slight edge over other portable devices such as smartphones.

13. Tablets have Better Specs than Smartphones

Tablets are versatile devices that can handle all the typical tasks that people use smartphones and laptops for. Whether you are browsing the internet or playing games, a tablet allows you to explore the full range of possibilities. If you are looking for a more satisfying user experience while engaging in multiple activities, tablets are the clear choice over smartphones. They are ideal for extended periods of usage, providing a fantastic multimedia experience without straining your eyes. This is why many gamers prefer tablets over smartphones to play demanding games with high-quality graphics.

14. Act as a Learning Device

The tablet is a perfect tool for children who wish to create their academic projects on top-notch gadgets. Many schools also favor conducting study sessions for their students using tablets, making it a highly desirable device in the education sector. Utilizing tablets, kids can complete their tasks and assignments with utmost simplicity, allowing them to preserve valuable time in the future.

15. Achieve High Productivity

Even though a split-screen option is available on smartphones when using multiple apps, it’s difficult to fully utilize it on a small 5-inch screen. Whenever you open a keyboard, one app disappears, making multitasking impractical on such a small display. On the other hand, tablets, with their large displays, offer a more practical solution. You can run multiple applications and drag or drop windows just like on a computer. In terms of productivity, tablets provide more assistance than smartphones in achieving long-term goals and tasks. There are several things you can accomplish with tablets that would be difficult to achieve on smartphones.

16. Peerless Multimedia Experience

The larger screen size of a tablet allows for a more enjoyable multimedia experience compared to smartphones. With its advanced computing capabilities, a tablet is a perfect device for activities such as online gaming, social networking, chatting and movie-watching. Unless making phone calls is a must, there are a few reasons why one should not choose a tablet over a smartphone.

17. For Awesome Art Designing

In the realm of producing extraordinary art, the paper has taken a backseat to digital means, which hold promise for the future. Tablets are a boon to those seeking to convert their imaginative ideas into artistic creations, providing endless possibilities for videographers, comic book artists, and graphic designers alike. Although it’s possible to achieve similar results with smartphones, they fall short of delivering the same level of artistic ingenuity and productivity that tablets are capable of.

18. Managing Things while Traveling

For frequent travelers, tablets are a valuable resource that offers easy access to laptops while on planes or trains. Travel vloggers on YouTube can depend on tablets for uploading their content from distant places like coffee shops or hotels. They can effortlessly edit videos and host live sessions with their followers from anywhere in the world!


Tablets possess an enchanting allure that is difficult to ignore. Although some of their functions may be found on certain smartphones at times, it would be absurd to consider smartphones equal to tablets.

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